The current model is the Magnum Opus Mk iii. The frames featured below are the De Luxe and Anniversary versions. Other lug patterns, conventional stays, color, chroming, etc. to customer specification.

in USA, email:
Creekside Bikes, Parker CO

Below, Magnum Opus De Luxe.

Featured below is a Magnum Opus Anniversary edition, first offered as a limited edition in 1994 commemorating the patent on the curly stays (1934).

Note: new frames can be produced to meet old specs;
these are permitted at vintage cycling events (including L'Eroica).
Below, a modern frame to fit NOS Campagnolo NR components.

Below: MO iii DeLuxe track frame.

Below: Olympic gold medalist, Toni Merkens, 1939.

Click here for Reynolds 953 (stainless steel) frame.

For over 85 years, Hetchins have built superior quality lugged steel frames for the discerning enthusiast and racer. Then as now, Hetchins is the standard by which others are judged.

Why steel in a world of carbon? Click here.

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